Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing everybody a Happy New Year!

Engagement Cake for 1.1.11

1.1.11 is truly an exciting day for this happy couple. An engagement party themed in baby blue, this cake was ordered through their cousin who wanted to gift this cake to them. Here's to the lovely pair and hope your union will be filled with happiness and bright new beginnings.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas



We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Have a safe holiday season and don't forget to celebrate with cake :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glory Glory Man United

Fondant cupcakes for the avid Manu fan. Happy Birthday Faizal!

It's Paintball Time

Paintball Inspired Cake

Paintball action on a cake. Paint pellets zooming around and paintballers aiming at each other around the cake. A creative take on an action packed sport. What fun this was to make.

Sprinkled with Love

Fondant hearts and polka dots

Buttercream Delights

Congratulations Alvin and Diana!

Nothing says party like buttercream. A little too sweet you say? But a happy indulgence nonetheless to take us down memory lane. Children just can't get enough of it - and why not on their special day :)?

A Thank You Cake

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Polka Dots

Mom's birthday was around the corner and we needed a perfect cake for the occasion. She had requested for a  chocolate prune cake and  to best complement the moist chocolaty richness of the cake was to cover it with more chocolate! This one layer chocolate prune cake was coated with chocolate ganache and topped with our own coloured white chocolate buttons for a fun polka dotted celebration.

Football Frenzy

Fondant covered cupcakes

Happy Birthday Edwin!

M for Mickey!

M for Mickey! M is also what loved ones call this adorable birthday boy. For his first birthday, he blew out a 2 tiered birthday cake decorated with the Disney playhouse and a few all time favourite Disney characters. The cupcakes were covered with blue and red buttercream icing as well as fondant 2D and 3D mickey ears. Happy birthday M!

*Thank you Nooramy Ismail for the pictures.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Special Agent Oso wishes Mahmud Happy 1st Birthday!

Mahmud turned 1 and he wanted to celebrate it with his favourite character Special Agent Oso. Happy birthday Mahmud and hope you enjoyed the cake!

Sweetly Cupcakes

Buttercream Swirl

Chocolate Cupcakes

Oreo Cheesecake
Just out of the oven

Silverand white

Animal Fun

Flowers in a pot

Creeper leaves and fantasy flowers. A pot of delicious chocolate cake!

* different flowers or fruit can be substituted for the topping.

Sugar and Spice and all things nice

Happy Birthday Ashley! A princess cake for a lovely little princess with cupcakes topped with hearts and butterflies to match. What a delight this will make for any little girl's party.

Barbie and Ken dressed up in special Bollywood attire for this special order for a brother and sister birthday party. Shahrukh Ken is resting on an couch carved out of cake and Aishwarya Barbie's skirt is also cake.

Roses for the bride

Purple and maroon were the theme colours of this special wedding reception. The cake was covered in fondant and blooming sugar roses adorned the top of this cake. What a wonderful gift for the groom to present to his lovely bride.

Mickey's Party

Happy Birthday Mickey!
These cupcakes were a special gift for little baby Zoe. It was her 1st birthday and we wanted to celebrate her turning one with these Disney Playhouse inspired cupcakes. These little baby Mickey and Minnie Mouse are a great gift to celebrate any occasion!

Nana's Garden

Nana's Garden.
This cake was a special order for Nana. After spending all her time gardening and watching her flowers bloom. Her grandchildren knew how much she would love a cake celebrating her love for gardening.

The cake was a vanilla cake covered in green fondant. The flowers, flower pots, white picket fences and cobblestones were also sculpted using coloured fondant.

Sweet 18!

Happy Sweet 18!
Natasha just celebrated her 18th Birthday and the cake was given to her as a surprise. The theme colors of the party which were purple and silver were incorporated in the design of the cake. The end result was a four layer vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing. The cake topper was custom made just for Natasha with silver, purple, pink and white crystals making it look like an explosion of fireworks. What a wonderful souvenir to remember the night.  Happy Birthday Natasha! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

The Sweet Start

All cakes have to start with a delicious flavour.

Choose from classic vanilla, zesty lemon and decadent chocolate cake. Our in-house specialty is a moist chocolate prune cake. These cakes are tasty on their own but with a generous layer of buttercream frosting, the celebration begins! You may also request for a luscious glaze of chocolate ganache or a tangy and sweet fruit filling.

Next is the fun part.

Designing the cake!

Each cake will be made just for you and for your special occasion. Cover it with colourful buttercream or smooth and silky fondant to match your special occasion. You may choose to celebrate with many colourful cupcakes, a pretty petite cake, a two, three (take your pick) tiered cake or mix them all together for a feast for the eyes and taste buds!

We provide a design service with no extra charge. We can meet or talk over the telephone  and together we will design your very own special cake.

The Cake Boutique prides itself on making cakes that not only look great but taste great too.