Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hisham just turned ______ ;)! Happy birthday to my one and only and of course favourite brother in-law. I know you love LA so much, this was the best I could do to bring it closer to you :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hermes Birkins and Chanel Flats - High Fashion Birthday Cupcakes

Fashionistas alert! Here comes the birthday girl with style and cupcakes!

These tiny Hermes bags and Chanel shoes were requested by my friend Farrah on behalf of  her friend Farah. Love the name :) Making these cupcakes were so much fun. Even before I placed them on the cuppies, I felt so excited to see so many deliciously coloured handbags and shoes all in row. I guess only a girl would feel that kind of euphoria, even with miniature sized accessories. Heck, just shrink me and let me slip these on :)

I was really happy when the birthday girl came to pick up the cupcakes and was truly delighted. It's times like these that make me love creating for The Cake Boutique.

Toy Story - Have Your Cake and Play With It Too!

Little Maya loves Toy Story so much I thought what's better than to place real toys for her to take home and play with. When she saw her cake she kept wanting to play with it but of course waited for everyone to see her cut the cake first. What a day! A sweet sweet cake and fun toys to bring home.

Happy 4th birthday Maya!

Say It With Balloons and Flowers

"Make it a guy with super duper curly hair!" said my dear childhood friend Farrah excitedly as she described how she wanted me to create the sugar paste mini model of her brother in law for her sister's birthday cake. She also said that it would be nice because her sister will have her most favourite thing in the world on her cake, which is of course her husband :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the chocolate cake. Happy birthday Sophie!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Little Mermaid and The Birthday Girl.

The only thing the birthday girl wanted on her cake was buttercream, buttercream and more buttercream! Sofia loved our buttercream so much that it didn't matter what her cake looked like, she wanted it to be covered with icing.

We decided that we wanted to create something cute and playful so went with the little mermaid. Mermaids somehow bring back some kind of childhood girly memory and we wanted to do just that for her. When Sofia saw her cake she was full of surprise and excitement. To Sofia, hope you enjoyed your birthday and cake :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gong Xi Fa CAi

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Amidst the rush of preparing all these cupcakes for the Lunar New Year, we almost forgot to post this up ;) These bright and festive cakes were a request from Kain Boutique at  They wanted to thank their loyal customers who have been there for them since their opening 4 years ago. Kain Boutique sells the prettiest made to order gowns and traditional wear. Do check them out.

 Here at the Cake Boutique we would like to wish all a very Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the Rabbit bring everyone an abundance in health, wealth and happiness.

More CNY cupcakes.